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Semi Cured Jellies Starter Kit
Semi Cured Jellies Starter Kit

Semi Cured Jellies Starter Kit



Create Your Starter Kit

You will receive

3x Semi Cured Jellies of your choice

1x UV Lamp

1x Nail Clipper 


Is this your first time trying 
Personail's Semi Cured Nail Wraps aka Jellies?

Get your FREE UV Lamp in our Starter Kit to get you started!

Free 8 Piece gift on orders over $128

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How it works


Clean nails with an alcohol prep pad provided in each kit


Peel back clear layers and match the Jellies to your closest nail size and stick onto each nail


Cure for 60+ seconds to harden the semi cured Jellies to a glossy shine

No damage Shellac nails!

The perfect solution for getting salon-grade gel nails at home without breaking the bank or spending hours waiting for them to dry.

Jellies are pre-cured gel strips that deliver a professional looking, glossy finish that lasts just as long as your regular mani.

Cruelty Free

No Nail Damage