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Get a free pack for every 6 empty packaging you send back to us. 

Send to:

53 Andover Street, Carlton NSW 2218 Australia

Earn a free pack of Nail Wrap by recycling 6 packaging of the same product (Nail wraps OR Gel Nail Wraps). Once you have accumulated 6 cardboard packaging, you can redeem them for a complimentary pack of the same product. You cannot combine gel wraps with regular nail wrap together for the 6 packs.

Eg: If you send back 6 Jellies packaging you can receive a pack of Jellies for Free. If you send back 12 regular nail wrap packaging, you will receive 2 packs of nail wraps for free

Don't forget to enclose the following details below with your packaging returns:

1. Your Email Address

2. Name of Nail Wrap you would like (please include any other back up designs incase we are sold out of your selected design)

3. Name and Mailing Address

● Limited Edition packaging accepted ● Only valid for Nail Wraps and Semi Cured Jellies packaging ● Packaging must be damage free ● Cardboard packaging only ● Nail Filers accepted ● You can send as many packaging back to us as you like  ● PLAY Packaging accepted but does not count towards recycling program


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