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Personail Glass Nail File Glass Nail File
60% off
Personail Glass Nail File Glass Nail File
Personail Glass Nail File Glass Nail File

Glass Nail File

$21.00 AUD
$21.00 AUD


The Personail glass nail file is super finely sanded down, so you're able to create a clean, smooth, “sealed” edge on your nails when applying nail wraps. No more jagged, torn edge, which means less prone to peeling and chipping for your manicure!

It comes in a convenient pouch which easily fits into handbags.

Size L: 14 cm, W: 1.3 cm
Material: Glass


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How it works


Peel back clear layers and match wraps to your closest nail size and stick onto each nail


File downwards at a 90 degree angle to get best result


Swipe on a layer of our glossy fast drying top coat to seal it in

How we compare

Nail Wraps

✔️ No dry time or mess
✔️ No chipping
✔️ Lasts 2 weeks
✔️ Easy removal

Nail Polish

✘ Messy application
✘ Chips easily
✘ Lasts <10 days
✘ Difficult removal (especially glitters!)

Nail polish with no dry time! 😲 

The perfect solution for getting professional looking nails at home
without breaking the bank or spending hours waiting for them to dry.

Cruelty Free

We love animals so we do not test on animals or work with suppliers that do either.

5-Free Nail Polish

Made without the main 5 toxins found in regular Nail Polish! 


No animal-derived materials are used in Personail's formulas.