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In Wonderland
In Wonderland
In Wonderland
In Wonderland

In Wonderland

$7.99 AUD
$3.99 AUD

You gotta be mad hatter if you don't think these PLAY Stickers are adorable! Introducing our Alice in wonderland PLAY Stickers that'll send you off to wonderland!

Use tweezers to remove them from the paper and apply to a clean and dry surface.

Seal the design with a our top coat

Play by Personail was made to encourage creativity, layer these on top of your Nail Wraps or even nail polish for some fun!

We highly recommend using a Top Coat or Nail Guard on top of our stickers to ensure your nail art is stronger than our puns. 


No animal-derived materials are used in Personail's formulas.


We love animals so we do not test on animals or work with suppliers that do either.


Made without the main 5 toxins found in regular Nail Polish!